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Online shop for Unique, Rare, Regular, Handmade, Exclusively Made, Brand New and flawless Pre-owned items and accessories.






Handmade Products, Men's Fashion, Women's Fashion, Children Clothing, Men's Accessories, Women's Accessories.
Shoes, Toys, Gaming Consoles, Games, Electronics, Art, Antiques, Pets' Fashion & Accessories.

Automotive Spare Parts, Music, Movies, Books, Home Goods, Office Goods, Comics, Action Figures and many more.


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What we do

To put it briefly, we buy and sell on online media.

We work with and buy from designers, artists, ateliers, thrift shops, manufacturers, wholesalers, businesses and individuals. We also have items made exclusively for us to sell on online media. We design some of the products ourselves here in USA. We do have our own Trademark. We do carry rare items, handmade items, unique products, art pieces, regular items and many more.


How we buy/source

We have suppliers and individuals manufacture and make products, items and pieces exclusively for us.

We buy from businesses being liquidated, have over stock, would like to sell off customer returns, individuals or businesses that have any pre-owned or new products*.

We buy directly from manufacturers, designers, artists, ateliers, thrift shops. We buy-out closing businesses' inventory and much more*.

Please contact us if you have products/items* that may be interest to us. We would be more than happy to co-operate with you.
*Items within our product portfolio of interest




Quurex owns a physical location with an office and warehouse space in Florida, USA. However, it does not have a physical, Brick and Mortar sales store or location. All our sales are done on online sales outlets, such as eBay, Amazon and etc. Our products are shipped to customers.



About us

A few words about Quurex, its founders, their business experience and more.



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